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Student Exchange Programme Application

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Student Exchange Programme Application
by Admin User - Monday, 20 March 2017, 1:55 PM

The online application for Student Exchange Program September 2017 semester is now open! Don't miss out the chance to study abroad!


1. Full time UTP student

2. Maintain a good disciplinary record

3. Open to ALL students (Malaysian & International)

4. Only for 1st year, 2nd sem until 3rd year, 2nd sem undergraduate students only (at the time of application)

5. Good academic standing: CGPA 3.50 and above (Petronas) / 3.0 and above (YUTP applicants) / 2.75 and above (self-sponsored)

6. No financial outstanding

7. Currently not undergoing SIIP

Apply online here:

Refer here for sample of supporting documents & application guide:

List of our learning partners:



*for further inquiries, come and meet us during Exchange Exposure Day to be held at Village 5 Café on 22 March 2017!