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Guideline on Residency Foundation Student

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Guideline on Residency Foundation Student
by Admin User - Monday, 20 February 2017, 4:21 PM

A) Objective

To set occupancy guidelines to promote smooth transitions for following students:-

1.       Foundation March 2016 (leaving for 3-months break – please refer to academic calendar)

2.       Foundation July 2016 (semester break)


B)  Foundation March 2016

1.       Must VACATE and leave the room in CLEAN condition. Let us avoid the cleanliness summon by doing our bit in cleaning our rooms. Facilities in the room are required to be in a good condition as you leave. If there are any defect, please lodge a complaint in customer servicedesk(UCampus).

2.       Since you are leaving for 3-months break, please return room key latest by 2nd March 2017, or be subjected to a fine of RM100.00. Let us avoid this too. You may return your room key to the supervisors or you can leave it at the 24-hour key drop located at respective village.

3.       RCSU will provide storeroom facility for Sabah, Sarawak and International students only to keep your belongings. Please refer to the schedule below.




Person in charge



V5 Store Room

Ramu : 0113-6506265

Azira : 0112-4251693



V5 Store Room

Ramu : 0113-6506265

Azira : 0112-4251693


C)  Foundation July 2016


1.       Due to the short break and that you will remain in your room, you may keep your key or you can return the key to the office. Please be informed that if you loss the key you will be subjected to fine of RM100.00.

2.       Please ensure the security of your belongings in your room and that it is purely your responsibility at all times. RV shall not be responsible of your belongings.


For further enquiries, please do not hesitate to contact your village supervisor(s). Alternatively, you can be in contact with the following officials:-

1.       Mr Lakhbir Sardar (Senior Executive) at 05-3688442, email at ;

2.       Mr M Baharum Kartaji (Senior Executive) at 05-3688441, email at ;

3.       Puan Kartini Binti Sahlan (Manager) at 05-3688440, email at



Thank you


Kartini binti Sahlan


Residential Village